My fiction. Long and short.


Senses overload

Reading the words, smelling the paper

Memories triggered

Childhood mealtimes

Smiling, relaxed, content

Sounds, smells, colours of the kitchen

Neighbours heads popping through the back door





Daily Prompt: Nest

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter


First Sight

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Another Day: Fiction

When I wake up, it feels like the world has stopped. No movement, only my breath. Stale air in, stale air out. No change, only stagnancy.

From my point of view, nothing much does change. The same journey every day, the same job, the same tasks. “Clean this, move that, do it better, do it different”, says the boss. Yes, even all in one sentence.

All I want is a surprise, just something small,along the way. Someone to treat me differently, a chance encounter or even an adventure. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I honestly don’t think that I have ever had an adventure. Even when I was young, my parents were so careful. And now, that seems to be ingrained in me. Approaching 30 and still treading water. I spend so much time thinking, and worrying about it. But it seems so hard to make the change. I can only watch so many motivational videos before I have to think, maybe I am just one of life’s failures.

We are told we are all special, but I don’t believe it. We are certainly unique. But what can we do to make ourselves exceptional, to shine, to be remembered? Well, people will remember this day. They will remember my name. I will not disappear.

Standing here, looking out of this window, I can already feel it. Maybe I won’t be around for much longer, but I know that I will finally be noticed today. Click.

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Daily Prompt: Exceptional


© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Information Age


Text © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Photo by Oliur Rahman on Unsplash

Only One

One moment,

One life,

One world,

Take care


via Daily Prompt: Inhabit

Text © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Photo by Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn on Unsplash

Unknown Delivery

Waiting, wanting, impatient

On which day, which month?

The unknown

Excitement mingled with fear

Which emotion will win out?

Is this it?

Here it comes, here we go, here it is

It’s a boy!

Which emotion wins?

It’s a draw

A heady concoction

Never felt before and only once more since

When she arrived


via Daily Prompt: Delivery

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Another World

A crack in the pavement

Look within

Another world

Troops on the march

Hidden within their trench



Ever aware

All hail the Queen



© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

Arid Hearts

Arid hearts

Infertile, dead and cold

In need of nurturing

Requiring fertilisation

A shower of love

A planting of an idea.



Daily Post: Arid

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

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