It’s almost that time of year again. The time when I get off my backside and do something for other people. I always feel like I should do more to help others, and too often allow myself the excuse of being too busy.

Movember is a way for men to do something for others, in a fun way. But, of course, the idea isn’t only to grow a moustache. The idea is to raise money for charity, too many people seem to forget this part. Growing the moustache is the easy part, although my 45-year-old face does not always wish to cooperate. Raising the money is the more difficult part, it takes work. People don’t just hand over the cash, well some do. But most need a little bit of arm-twisting, especially Czech people.

I do not mean that as any slur against the Czechs. They have a natural mistrust of any organisations, be they political or charitable, and this is with good reason. The reasons are mainly historical, if you lived through communism then maybe you wouldn’t trust the political system either. But also current, people simply do not trust Czech organisations to be honest. I think they would prefer to give to a foreign charity because at least the money would be used properly, although we all know this is not always the case. But the charities associated with Movember are well-known and trustworthy, so I am certainly happy to trust them. 

The world really is becoming more selfish and distrustful, and for my own peace of mind I simply refuse to adopt this mindset. My own country, the United Kingdom, is making me despair. And, goodness knows, I cannot comprehend what is going on in America; a supposedly God-fearing country. Give me strength.

So forget all the negativity. I am going to be positive and grow my weedy, fluffy moustache and raise some money. Of course, you can help too. 

Donate at  

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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