Daily Prompt: Transformation

I am in need of a change. Whether it be transformation or just rejuvenation, something. It is too easy to become stuck in a rut. I have begun with my websites, this is the first step. A step towards more creativity in my life. Taking photographs and writing has reopened a way of thinking for me. But I would like it to be a greater part of my life.

But first I need to make other changes, get more energy, be more positive. And focus on what is important. Family first, then the rest. But the rest needs to follow. Too many of us go through the motions and just hope that change will come. I have been lucky in my life that this has sometimes happened, but it can’t be relied upon.

But it is easy to doubt yourself, because change is difficult. So the first change must be in attitude. There is no maybe, only yes I can. I will.

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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