Every venture into nature, at this time of year, seems to plunge you into a different world. Even a short walk next to the river, literally five minutes from my home, can provide peace and tranquility. So easy to escape the city and find space.

Many days are cloudy, but that only increases the interest. Golden leaves lie everywhere, and when the mist descends the atmosphere is incredible.

It is amazing how, when I am walking and looking around me, I feel safe and contented. But, while looking through my camera lens, everything looks like a potential scene from a horror movie. People look as if they are walking to their doom and buildings appear to be deserted. That is why I love this time of year, there are just so many possibilities.

And soon the snow will come, bringing with it different feelings and different possibilities. Sometimes chilled to the bone, scraping ice off the windscreen. Sometimes hot and sweaty, chasing the children and throwing snowballs. Both scenes will be captured through my lens. 

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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