Christmas Aromas

Today was another day filled with the sensations of the season, specifically the aroma of Christmas. All day the smell of baking gingerbread has filled our home, along with the excited voices of our children.

The kids have been looking forward to this day, the day when the baking begins. Now the biscuits are cooling and awaiting decoration, those that are left. Of course, it is hard to resist eating a few during the day.

This is a marvellous Czech tradition, though it is a lot of work for my wife. But there is so much more satisfaction to be had when something is made with love and joy. In Britain, we have become very lazy. I am not sure if anyone makes anything anymore, it is certainly a good time of year for the supermarkets.

I think the way that the British consume, and seemingly don’t grow or make things themselves anymore, is quite shocking to the Czechs, who are still a nation of producers. I have to admit that I am on the lazy side of this equation myself. But I am more than happy that my children will be brought up to make more themselves, and enjoy it. 

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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