Missing the Point

There is a person, who lives above my classroom, who continually litters the street. It is hard to believe, but they throw their used tissues out of their window. Not into their bin, but out of their window and onto the street. They land in front of my classroom door and I, used to, look at them and fume. I can’t understand what goes through this person’s mind, so I have decided to not even try. So now, I just clean up the mess and enjoy the clean view from my chair.

I also see school students throwing their cigarette butts on the floor. And, when I suggest they should take them to the nearest bin, they don’t understand why they should. After all, if they do no one else will, so it won’t make any difference. But they are missing the point. If I clean up somebody else’s mess, I have a clean environment. If they are cleaner, maybe others will be encouraged to do the same. Don’t turn a blind eye because it isn’t your mess, do something.

via Daily Prompt: Missing

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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