Christmas Joy

This week I saw my first Christmas performance of the season. My daughter had a carol singing performance in the garden of her kindergarten, and it was magical. The trees were strewn with fairy lights and the children, and adults, were all wrapped up against the cold.

The songs were beautiful and really put everyone in the spirit of the season. But the most beautiful things of all was, of course, the smile on my daughter’s face. When she came outside, holding hands with her partner, she was searching the crowd for me and her brother. When our eyes met the light in her eyes was unforgettable, so excited to perform for us. And perform she did, singing loudly and proudly the whole time.

There are people who complain that Christmas has no real meaning, but I disagree. The meaning of this holiday is in the light of a child’s eyes. When they receive their gifts, but more importantly, when they are with their family, singing, eating, drinking, or simply spending time together. 

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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