Lush: A Welshism

The people of Wales speak a whole other language. I am not speaking about the 20% of the population who actually speak the Welsh language. I mean the rest who speak English, more commonly referred to as Wenglish. A strange combination of languages; people use Welsh words, which they often don’t really know the meaning of, as part of their everyday English.

But a dissection of Wenglish can wait for another day. All regions in Britain also use a healthy dose of regional slang, and Wales is no different. For example, when I hear the word “Lush” I do not think of thick, green grass rolling across the hills. I do not think of an extravagant meal in an ornately decorated restaurant. I think of two women standing in a clothes shop looking at a dress saying, “That’s lush that is!” 

You see, in Wales, lush simply means really, really nice. Nothing is nicer than if it is lush. Clothes can be lush, you can look lush, you can be lush. My new car is lush, my boyfriend is lush, this pizza is lush. It is simply the highest compliment you can pay to something. If you are ever in Wales, listen out, it won’t be long before you hear it, LUSH!


Text © Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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