Childhood Memories

Some memories from your childhood seem to remain with you forever. Especially the colours, sounds and smells. And at times they are intrinsically linked.

Some foods constantly remind me of a time, a place or an event. This is perhaps helped by the fact that food, when I was a child, was a regular cycle. We had our routine, fish on Fridays was a classic, of course. But pie and chips on Saturday was what I really looked forward to. And when I think of the smell of that pie I think of football, simply because the afternoon of sport on television would always be starting as we sat down to my favourite lunch. 

Then, as a child of the seventies, there were the colours. A magnificent blend of browns and oranges. Oh what a time, some of the pictures of me are truly horrifying to behold. Brown trousers, with a brown jumper and a slightly different shade of shirt, perhaps cream? But if a splash of colour was needed, subtle it was not.

And the sounds? I still remember the albums my older sister would be listening to, as well as their covers. Joan Armatrading and Roxy Music are always the first to come to mind. Classics now and fixed in my mind as part of my childhood. 

As we get older, what happened in your twenties seems more like a fog, but those childhood memories remain vivid indeed. 

Daily Prompt: Vivid

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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