Black and White

Almost every news, or information, item that appears on my facebook feed has no meaning. Pictures of a few maniacs used to justify hatred of an entire group. Images of a sick child with the suggestion to share or like to send a prayer, and if you don’t you must be a monster. Being asked to like something to show your support, and told you are a coward if you don’t.

The problem is that nothing is black and white. All police officers are not good, most are and do an unenviable job. All muslims are not terrorists, some are and need to be stopped. And if you want to help a sick child then make a donation, or do something concrete. 

So, everyone, please stop posting this polarising nonsense. It has no purpose, it is too simplistic and it is divisive. And that is the last thing we all need. 

Daily Prompt: Meaningless

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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