Avid Readers All

Well, it seems my son is going to take after me. After only a few months in school, he is already a dedicated reader. He practices every night, with no complaints. When he gets a new book, he starts reading it as soon as we have left the shop. Even when he doesn’t have a book, the world of words has opened up a world of information. All of a sudden, he can understand signs and posters, and so he is becoming more independent. No need to ask so many questions, now he knows. 

I have become a slightly obsessive reader over the last couple of years. Having started to use the Goodreads social network, I raised my reading game and last year read sixty books. So far, this year, I have read over thirty. I suppose there are worse addictions, but I have to make sure I leave time for writing something too!

My daughter has also caught the reading bug. This is a funny one, because she can’t actually read yet. But she sits down with a book, follows the words with her finger and reads aloud. But the words she is saying are coming from her imagination, and are a proper story.  It is amazing to listen to, and she can keep this up for quite a while. 

So it looks like we are a family of readers. I just hope it continues into the future and both my children grow up and continue to use their imaginations as they do now. 

Daily Prompt: Avid

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