Following the Family Tradition

It’s funny when you see your kids picking up family traits and following in your footsteps, as well as those of your forebears. Every child is different and don’t all show these signs of course. Some children obviously resemble or take after a parent in some way, but when you can see a thread flowing through the family that can be quite astonishing.

The thread I am referring to now is books, of all types. I have always loved books, paper and ink. I am an avid reader, some would say it is an addiction, but I have always loved anything connected to the world of books. I walk into a shop and see a notebook or journal, I don’t need it but I can’t always control myself. A different style of pen, not really necessary but how can you know until you try it, it could be the perfect one.

My daughter seems to be following this family tradition. She loves reading, which she started at quite a young age, and also has my passion for a nice notebook. She also just loves to be sitting at her desk and writing, it could be a list of words or a diary.

This feeling for books definitely comes from my mother, flows through my sister and into her daughter, as well as through me into mine. Generation after generation of book lovers, writers and readers. I hope it continues into the next, as yet non-existent, generation too.



© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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