Seasonal Feelings

One day there is beauty, the next gloom. This season can make you bound with joy and amazement at our world, or it can bring you down and force you to mourn the passing of another summer.

But that is only if you let it. After all, life is about mindset and decisions. Do we allow the changes of seasons to influence us, or do we decide to influence ourselves?

If you look hard enough there is beauty everywhere. The recent misty mornings, with their rolling and shifting haze have made me feel like I am in a creation of Arthur Conan Doyle. Atmospheric and intense, waiting for the sun to rise and burn them off is part of the thrill.

But it doesn’t always succeed. Of late, the mist has been victorious and clung to the world for all it is worth. A long scarf and coat will make you part of the scene and lessen the desire to fight it.

All is beautiful and wondrous. We just need to see it and feel it. There is a place for everything and everyone under our sky.



Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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