It’s an impossible task to get an image of a beautiful place that contains no people. So we need to accept that fact, move on and capture different images. I find this one beautiful and believe it to be enhanced by the swarms of people visible. Zoom in and see how many selfies are being taken, you probably won’t be surprised.

We too easily criticise the new technology that we have available to us, and the sight of groups of people all staring into their phones can raise the hairs on the back of my neck too. But the overwhelming feeling I get when I look at this picture is one of pleasure.

Isn’t it amazing that people are still so interested in history? In our world where everything is available at the touch of a button there is some satisfaction to be had that so many still want to experience things first hand. So when I look at the above image I welcome the people dotted throughout it. They are not to be criticised but to be praised.

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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