Interesting Times

These times certainly are. For some they are devastating. But, so far, myself and my loved ones have escaped any disasters. For me the problems are small, although when they are staring you in the face they can seem insurmountable. Getting things in perspective is important in these times of lockdown and isolation.

Some days are good and some are bad from my perspective. There are times when I feel like I am being suffocated and am unable to remove the shroud that is covering my head. At others I can put myself into the correct position, to gain that important perspective, and the whole world can seem sunny and full of opportunity.

We are two teachers, working from home, plus two school age children doing the same. Four of us spending huge amounts of time together, it is in many ways a recipe for disaster. Yet, there are positives to be seen from our current situation. Children grow up too quickly, and there will be a time when mine will have grown and flown the nest. So, now I am enjoying the opportunity to see, speak to, and enjoy them. Yes, sometimes I go crazy, but that is only to be expected.

At the end of this I will certainly feel closer to my kids, and it seems like they will be closer to each other too. They are eight and ten years old, and I did worry that they might drive each other crazy. It seems though that they are becoming closer and closer, even requesting to sleep in the same room again. It has been a while since they went into separate rooms, so it is good to see them enjoying this chance to be reunited, if only in a temporary camping situation.

It is amazing to watch them doing everything together, and causing so few problems for my wife and I. When there is an argument it can sometimes be at an inopportune moment, then its significance can be exaggerated, but it is soon over and time to move on. Another incredible thing is the way that if they do argue, and it does occasionally come to tears, it only seems to take them minutes to be looking for each other’s company again. They really don’t stay enemies for very long.

I have my occasional personal struggles, probably more than either of them or my wife. I am a person who needs his own space, so that is a challenge in these strange times. I have to keep reminding myself that there will always be difficult moments, and when they occur I need to pass through them and leave them behind.

All in all, I can be very grateful that my family gets along so well and my home hasn’t descended into World War III, not yet anyway. Who knows how long this situation will last? Once it is over it will be the summer holidays anyway. Two whole months together, yeah!

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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