Fresh Air?

Spring has sprung, and it seems to be just in time. After the first real winter in the Czech Republic for a few years now, it is good to be sitting on my balcony and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my back. The plants have been released from their winter protection and are ready for the new season to begin in earnest. I, similarly, feel a freedom to enjoy my small sanctuary yet again.

The timing really couldn’t be better, as stronger COVID restrictions come into force tomorrow which will restrict movement and enforce the use of face masks in more situations. So, to be able to enjoy the fresh air of my balcony will come in very handy.

Although I feel happiness and gratitude for the seasonal change, there is also a horrible feeling of deja vu. I never would have thought that I would be going through a repeat of last year’s events and actions. As I sit here, on my balcony, writing for the first time this year, memories are flooding back of how I spent my time last spring. Then, it was new and seemed like a chance to try new things. My new calligraphy hobby was fun, but I have to admit didn’t last that long. Now, it is not quite as exciting. It is more a matter of possessing a determination to be positive, showing gratitude for your health, and being hopeful for the future.

There has to be hope, it has to end soon, or at least one day. When normal life returns we will all need to remember these times and complain a little bit less, when really things are just going swimmingly.

Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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