Double-Guessing a Madman

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

I still can’t quite believe that it is really happening. Every now and again I think that it is only a nightmare. Then, I watch the news and reality strikes. War in Europe. It seems that the old saying really could be true, only one generation can ever see peace. Then we seem to forget our previous lessons and repeat the same mistakes again.

Probably like many others I am spending a lot of time worrying and analysing the potential outcomes of our current European situation. I desperately cling to the smallest piece of hope, but that is soon shattered by the latest information on the news. What is Putin up to? How far does he want to go? What should we do to stop him? Second-guessing a madman could be enough to send me into the asylum with him. If only that was where he was.

All I can realistically do is attempt to carry on as normal, for my children’s sake, as well as for my own sanity. We live in the Czech Republic so what is happening in Ukraine feels incredibly close. So, as much as I want to appear as if everything is normal, it is not. Decisions need to be made now. If option A happens, what do we do. If B, C, etc. etc. What will it take to get me to pack up my car and head west, leaving everything behind. That is the decision many Ukrainians had to make, with little warning. At least I have time to think.

The other thing to be done is to do what we can to help the refugees who are streaming into many countries in this part of Europe. These people need immediate help, while many of their loved ones continue to fight for their homeland.

Finally I need to be brave, for my family and for myself. Fear will achieve nothing, it will only cause stress and bad judgement. Wait and see seems to be the only option, for now. Stay clear-headed, think and plan, at least as much as is possible. Oh, and stop second-guessing the madman. He can’t be predicted.

Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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