How Are We Feeling?

Strange times are upon us. It is hard to know how to react, isn’t it? Personally, I am trying to look for the positives in the whole situation, remain active, and keep my moods under control. That last one is not always easy, just ask my poor wife. So I have got to find some way to cope with this lockdown. Working from home has always been my dream, but it’s a bit different when the whole family is there too, and you are restricted in your movements in the outside world.

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A Healthy Obsession?

Can any obsession be truly healthy? Surely the very word has negative connotations. Obsessions can interfere with our lives, our decisions, and affect the path we take.

My current obsession, is reading. We all read for different reasons. To escape, to other worlds and into other lives. To escape, for relaxation and inspiration. We also, of course, read for knowledge, whether it be sourced from fiction or non-fiction.

I believe that reading simply improves us. Of course, we can read self-help books for this purpose. But any book exposes us to somebody else’s mind. Their thoughts, feelings and experiences, as well as their culture and history.

Travelling is, perhaps, the best way to experience other cultures. But reading is a close second. In a world which seems to be obsessed and suspicious over every difference then, maybe, I have a healthy obsession after all.

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Graffiti, slur on society?

A blemish on our cities, or an artistic addition to our world? Graffiti, art form or hooliganism? It’s a difficult and divisive topic, especially between generations. But it is something I have warmed to recently, having in the past had quite negative feelings towards it.

Graffiti art can be beautiful, thought provoking and empowering. I am not talking about people tagging their names on walls of buildings, I believe that is simply vandalism. But if you have something to say, and it’s in the right place, it could be considered a legitimate form of public demonstration; or simply something to brighten up an otherwise grey, blank wall. 

With everything going on in the world today, with even leaders of nations constantly slurring anyone who disagrees with them, maybe some public art to promote intelligent thought is no bad thing. LIke all art there is good and bad, and I guess that just comes with the territiory. 

Daily Post: Slur

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