Soggy Leaves

Ensure it is cooked,
it shouldn't be crispy.
That is what they said,
way back when.
Grey leaves,
swimming in stinky water.
Eat up,
it's good for you!
Arms crossed,
a battle of wills.
rediscovered as an adult.
All those years of hate,
make it crunchy and tasty.

Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

Lost in a Book

Do you remember when life was simple? A time when all your worries were about yourself. If there was no homework, or chores, to be done then you were free. You hadn’t begun to overthink the world yet, all that mattered was what was straight in front of you. Being a child is so much more simple, although they would probably disagree.

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Follow the flow

Following the flow of a meandering river has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to spend your time. You come across so much, if you are paying attention. Nature, wildlife, civilisation and, if you are unlucky, people. I’m joking a little bit about the last one, but my main purpose for a walk like this would always be peace and quiet.

Rivers change so much, around every curve there can be a new world to be discovered. Sometimes they are as straight as an arrow, running through the city, fortified against flooding. Then they can become a wilderness of tall grass, where childhoods are spent hiding and forts are constructed. Maybe they run through industry which seems a tragedy as an adult, but as a child was a wonderland of unknown and dangerous intrigue.

But, however you view them, they are a source of life. Veins and arteries, which cross our lands giving sustenance to all the organisms which depend upon them. So they must be cherished, cared for, and not allowed to deteriorate. For, if we are not careful, before long they may clog. And what were once healthy vessels with fresh water coursing through them, could become choked trickles struggling and shrinking.

So, as with the body, we must be careful what we put in, what we take out, and check regularly for any problems. Treatment must be quick and, hopefully, we will all live long and healthy lives together.

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish


Senses overload

Reading the words, smelling the paper

Memories triggered

Childhood mealtimes

Smiling, relaxed, content

Sounds, smells, colours of the kitchen

Neighbours heads popping through the back door






© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswriter

No Qualms

As my son’s first year at school comes to an end it seems that everything has gone to plan. I have no worries about his work, his friends and his attitude. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasional arguments and tantrums, that is to be expected. But, generally, he seems to be a very happy schoolgoer.

The picture you see is from his first day of school, what a happy face! He doesn’t always look that happy when you wake him up at 6.30am, but I think it is generally indicative of his feelings about school, and hopefully life.

All I hoped for, in his first year at school, was that he would be comfortable, content and happy. And that seems to be the case, I just hope it continues. Occasionally he gets into a little bit of trouble, but only running in class and occasionally being a normal, lively child. This also makes me happy, because I don’t want him to be perfect, I want him to have a bit of life and spark. But not too much, of course. 

Now, with summer approaching, it is time to begin winding down. He will have more school trips, today he has gone to the zoo with his precious new camera. He woke up early and happy today, that was a change to the norm, and will have a great day with his friends. I can’t wait to see him later, hear some stories and look at his photos. See his tired, but smiling face and have a hug before bedtime. No worries, it’s all good. 

Daily Prompt: Qualm

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish