Little Miss Independent

That wrinkle of the nose, gorgeous, cute and trouble. My daughter is becoming a real, independent young woman. At 5 years old, she is determined to do things on her own. It is great to see, I never wanted a quiet little princess. But, at the same time, I can see some trouble in the future when she hits those teenage years.

I am sure that having an older brother helps. She can’t and won’t be pushed around, in fact it is normally him I feel sorry for. I think there would have been a few more tears if he wasn’t so kind hearted. Luckily violence doesn’t come as a first resort to either of them.

There are surprisingly few arguments, considering how much time they spend together. They form an amazing team and play with imagination and a cheeky sense of fun. But when there is a disagreement, beware the wrinkle of the nose. Because Little Miss Independent has had enough.  

Daily prompt: Tenacious

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