Welsh Wedding

The most special day of the summer. The wedding day. Not mine, but that of my nephew. He found the right girl, she found the right boy.

After the stress of the buildup, the day finally comes. Family and friends, coming together in celebration. Beautiful surroundings, and a beautiful couple. A splash of rain can’t spoil this day.

But it is just the beginning. It’s been eight years since my special day, and we are not just a couple anymore. Now we are a team, working, playing and growing together.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my team and for the newlyweds. Every day is a new beginning, with a new path to follow.


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Do you remember when learning was so much fun? Learning how to throw stones is very different to, let’s say, particle physics. But, at the same time, the joy of knowledge should be the same.

Watching my children learn and enquire about the world around them gives me energy for the search too. The search for knowledge, or for something new. A new angle, viewpoint, or sight. 

At the moment, my kids are both keen photographers. My son wants to know what every button does on his new camera. It is difficult to actually slow him down, so he learns the basics first. 

When you are a child, you want to understand everything. How does it work? Why do we do that? But, as adults, this seems to stop. We become happy to accept the world as it is, and never question. I believe this is the biggest fight for all adults, to stop this descent into lethargy. Keep fighting up that intellectual hill. It is never ending and has no summit, but it is a beautiful journey. 

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Graffiti, slur on society?

A blemish on our cities, or an artistic addition to our world? Graffiti, art form or hooliganism? It’s a difficult and divisive topic, especially between generations. But it is something I have warmed to recently, having in the past had quite negative feelings towards it.

Graffiti art can be beautiful, thought provoking and empowering. I am not talking about people tagging their names on walls of buildings, I believe that is simply vandalism. But if you have something to say, and it’s in the right place, it could be considered a legitimate form of public demonstration; or simply something to brighten up an otherwise grey, blank wall. 

With everything going on in the world today, with even leaders of nations constantly slurring anyone who disagrees with them, maybe some public art to promote intelligent thought is no bad thing. LIke all art there is good and bad, and I guess that just comes with the territiory. 

Daily Post: Slur

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I can’t keep up

A walk with my family and yet again my unsportsmanlike British upbringing is exposed. And the differences between me and my Czech wife and children are shown.

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it’s finally above zero. There is still plenty of snow around for a bit of fun, but the paths are clear and it is easy to walk again.

Until one stretch of path which doesn’t get the sun. It’s covered in slick, glistening ice and immediately I tense. If I can find some earth and walk along the edge then it is OK. But most of the time I am just looking for something to cling on to. My wife has no problems, it’s just like skating. My kids are having a great time, slipping, sliding and actually enjoying falling over. Oh to be young again!

But they don’t abandon me, my son often comes back to hold my hand and help. So cute, but the last thing I want is to fall and take him down with me. Slowly, but surely I make it to the end and can relax. And tell myself again, I have to do something to improve my balance, somehow. 

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