Panicking seems to be everyone’s favourite pastime these days. We live in the most peaceful time in our history but yet people seem to believe otherwise. It is exactly because of the relative peace that we are blessed with that very atrocity seems like a nuclear explosion. And the things that are happening in the world are atrocities, please do not think that I believe otherwise.

I grew up in Britain at the height of the cold war and the world did not feel like a safe place. Of course, I was a child, but I remember the fear of nuclear weapons. The thought that American and Russian bombs would wave to each other, as they passed overhead, going in opposite directions. Terrorism was also a very real threat, on our doorsteps and in the skies.

There are some very real reasons to panic about the future of this planet. But the one thing that sends a shiver up my spine, is the thought of the next President of the U.S.A. being named Trump. This is no longer a joke. He is not fading away and is even starting to say some actual facts. Not many, but just enough to make me worry. Worry that he may start to appeal to not only the imbecilic and uneducated, but also to the plain dull-witted and ill-informed.

Please America, wake up. Get off your asses and put a stop to this. I have already seen Britain make, what I consider, the stupidest decision of this century. And that happened because enough people believed the scary assertions of politicians, assertions not facts. And not enough of the opposition got up and voted.

The young people of America, those who do access information from outside their own country, and maybe occasionally read a book, must stand and be counted. Please! For the sake of humanity. Or we could become “The Planet of the Orangutangs”.

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