Follow the flow

Following the flow of a meandering river has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to spend your time. You come across so much, if you are paying attention. Nature, wildlife, civilisation and, if you are unlucky, people. I’m joking a little bit about the last one, but my main purpose for a walk like this would always be peace and quiet.

Rivers change so much, around every curve there can be a new world to be discovered. Sometimes they are as straight as an arrow, running through the city, fortified against flooding. Then they can become a wilderness of tall grass, where childhoods are spent hiding and forts are constructed. Maybe they run through industry which seems a tragedy as an adult, but as a child was a wonderland of unknown and dangerous intrigue.

But, however you view them, they are a source of life. Veins and arteries, which cross our lands giving sustenance to all the organisms which depend upon them. So they must be cherished, cared for, and not allowed to deteriorate. For, if we are not careful, before long they may clog. And what were once healthy vessels with fresh water coursing through them, could become choked trickles struggling and shrinking.

So, as with the body, we must be careful what we put in, what we take out, and check regularly for any problems. Treatment must be quick and, hopefully, we will all live long and healthy lives together.

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The European Lifestyle?

What is the European lifestyle? Often, these days, I here people defending their histories and cultures. In an attempt to fight off change, from a fear of difference. Even countries which were, relatively, newly founded by immigrants are scared of the new wave which they see coming.

We have a more ancient history in Europe, but it has still been many years since we all looked the same. When people make a claim for their culture it is all relative. How far back do you go? When did your culture begin?

In truth our cultures have always been changing and will continue to do so. Evolution happens, don’t let anyone tell you any different, and is a thing to be embraced. Multicultural societies enrich us, if we are open and welcoming. If we are closed and hostile, then we have problems.

How do you feel if someone opposes you and mistreats you? You fight back, it is human nature. When people feel excluded they search for something else. Anything else to make them feel needed and secure.

To me, the European culture is a human stew of many ingredients. And without a little spice, that stew would be extremely bland.

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