Daily Prompt: Urgent

Everything seems so urgent these days. People spend their lives rushing hither and thither, never slowing down. Sometimes we all need to take a breath.

I need that breath now, there are simply too many things on my mind. Unless I clear that list, I will not relax. I can feel the tension in me, just breathe.

So relax, plan and do. There is no urgency, just my mind telling me there is. These are simply tasks, not what is most important.

What is most important has already been achieved, a wonderful weekend with my family. A weekend of playing, celebrating, spending time in nature and watching my kids have fun on the skating rink.

So the highest priority task has been completed, now onto the little things. I feel better already.

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Daily Prompt: Tree

The symbol for so much in life. Its anatomy used to describe everything from parts of the body, to families and businesses. So many varieties and so beautiful. Different trees even give you a variety of feelings. From the swaying tropical palm to the sturdy English oak. From afar you see their shape, as a group, or as an individual. Always different, always interesting.

But get up close and you see another world. Look at the ancient trunk, and think about the stories it could tell. See the life that it supports, crawling upon its bark. Sit at its base and, while enjoying the dappled shade, look at at the world. Then look up and see the light play tricks, like magic. There is nothing like seeing the golden rays of the sun, shining through the canopy.

Many times, I forget to look. But when I do, there goes my breath.

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By the River

Such a magical place. In the heart of the city, a peaceful paradise. Sometimes it is a place to be alone, to contemplate or just to switch off. But at others, a place to be with your child and share the wonders of nature.

My favourite place to be, next to the water. I don’t have to have a rod in my hand, although it feels good if I do. But I am just as happy without one, maybe it is replaced by my camera, maybe by a good book. Or, perhaps my eyes are all I need. All you need to do is look, and most of us do not.

When you spend time next to water, you will notice so much. If you are there for the weekend, then you will spend a lot of time watching, and thinking. If you have your eye to your camera, you will begin to see details that you never noticed before. Look and think and your eyes will be opened, and maybe your mind too.

People think that fishing is boring, but there is always so much to think about, so much to see. Our lives are full to the brim. When do we stop, look and listen?

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