Did you say Summer?

The holidays are almost here, a time for fun and relaxation.

Only one more week to go and the school gates will close for the summer.

On the last day we will run from school. Celebrating, shouting, screaming and jumping for joy. Eager to eat, drink and party.

We know it won’t last forever, we will have to return in a couple of months. But, for now, let’s go crazy. I suppose the students will be looking forward to it too.

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No Qualms

As my son’s first year at school comes to an end it seems that everything has gone to plan. I have no worries about his work, his friends and his attitude. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasional arguments and tantrums, that is to be expected. But, generally, he seems to be a very happy schoolgoer.

The picture you see is from his first day of school, what a happy face! He doesn’t always look that happy when you wake him up at 6.30am, but I think it is generally indicative of his feelings about school, and hopefully life.

All I hoped for, in his first year at school, was that he would be comfortable, content and happy. And that seems to be the case, I just hope it continues. Occasionally he gets into a little bit of trouble, but only running in class and occasionally being a normal, lively child. This also makes me happy, because I don’t want him to be perfect, I want him to have a bit of life and spark. But not too much, of course. 

Now, with summer approaching, it is time to begin winding down. He will have more school trips, today he has gone to the zoo with his precious new camera. He woke up early and happy today, that was a change to the norm, and will have a great day with his friends. I can’t wait to see him later, hear some stories and look at his photos. See his tired, but smiling face and have a hug before bedtime. No worries, it’s all good. 

Daily Prompt: Qualm

© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish