Grumpy Man in Legoland

This title was my prediction for the trip. A grumpy bugger, with a bad back, driving for hours, then walking for a couple of days surrounded by other people’s screaming children. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it?

Well, happily, my prediction was premature. Our family trip to Legoland, in Germany, was incredible. Two days and one night of Lego magic. Fast rides, which were OK, and high rides, which were not for me.

We arrived on Sunday morning, checked in, got our directions and we were away. The whole process was easy, organised and efficient. Before we new it, the car was parked and we were exploring the park.

I didn’t totally know what to expect, but I would say the best thing about the park was its variety. There were amusements and activities to suit every age and taste. Starting with the classic Miniland, lots of famous places all made from Lego, was a great introduction. But the kids, especially my daughter were keen for some action, sightseeing could wait.

It’s been a few years since I was on fast, spinning, rides but they were great fun, even if I was slightly worried about losing by breakfast. And the pace didn’t slow from there, we crammed in as much as we could on day one, but didn’t panic because we had a whole second day to come.

We finished in the theme park at around 6pm and went to find our accommodation for the night. Believe it, or not, we were sleeping in a barrel, which reminded me a little of a hobbit home, just not underground. What a great idea, two little rooms, a fridge, clean, private, perfect for a one night stay. We used the communal bathrooms at the camp site, which were very near. I was a little nervous about this, since I had vague childhood memories of wading through water, I hope, to get to the showers at British campsites. But this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Every time I went to the bathrooms they looked like no-one had used them that day, well done Legoland, great job.


After a good night’s sleep we checked out and were ready for day two. This time we had a few ideas of the must do things, which we didn’t have time for the day before, plus the things which just had to be repeated. Even though we had the whole day, we could have still used another hour or two, there is just so much to do. But the second day had to end, and we had to drag the children away, with the promise of one last visit to the shop.

If anyone is thinking of paying a visit, go for it. Kids from the ages of 5 will be able to join in on almost all the amusements, if they are a little brave. My kids are 6 and 8, which seemed to be the perfect ages. And if it’s not normally your scene, don’t worry, this recommendation is coming from a grumpy bugger, just ask my wife.


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