One has his own course
another is on hers.
What are the chances
that they shall ever meet?
How many dimensions
are they moving through?
What forces are acting upon them?
An astronomical chance,
a seemingly infinite number.
But it still happens.
They meet, connect, and bond.

Words © Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

Hidden Within: Short Story

Wandering the streets, searching for some different images to capture. I have walked this way so many times, that it seems pointless. Then I realise that I have never stopped for any length of time here. It is such a weird and wonderful image, how could that even be possible? So one day I did, I took the time to take it in, not just to make an image, but also to let my imagination wander. What could this be? What alternative purpose could it serve? In another world, or perhaps in this one? And, so, a story began…

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