The European Lifestyle?

What is the European lifestyle? Often, these days, I here people defending their histories and cultures. In an attempt to fight off change, from a fear of difference. Even countries which were, relatively, newly founded by immigrants are scared of the new wave which they see coming.

We have a more ancient history in Europe, but it has still been many years since we all looked the same. When people make a claim for their culture it is all relative. How far back do you go? When did your culture begin?

In truth our cultures have always been changing and will continue to do so. Evolution happens, don’t let anyone tell you any different, and is a thing to be embraced. Multicultural societies enrich us, if we are open and welcoming. If we are closed and hostile, then we have problems.

How do you feel if someone opposes you and mistreats you? You fight back, it is human nature. When people feel excluded they search for something else. Anything else to make them feel needed and secure.

To me, the European culture is a human stew of many ingredients. And without a little spice, that stew would be extremely bland.

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© Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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