Sick Little Boy

I wasn’t prepared for this. My little baby got sick. Ears down, tired, not knowing what to do with himself. You feel lost when your pet gets ill. You can’t communicate with them, it is all so much guess work. All you can do is turn them over to the professionals and hope for the best.

Zack got ill suddenly one night, he couldn’t stop vomiting and I am not sure if our carpet will ever look the same. That is not the most important thing, of course, Zack’s health is. He has had episodes like this in the past, but they were soon over. This time was different, he just kept going until there was nothing left inside the poor little fella. So after coming to the conclusion that this was more serious than normal we went off to the vet.

This was the first time that we had to go for any type of emergency treatment, and a 5-month-old labrador puppy isn’t the easiest to control. He needed a haircut for the ultrasound, and also an IV in his leg. Let’s just say that he wasn’t too happy with the whole experience, and I can’t blame him. Thank goodness for friendly, helpful professionals who put him and his parents at ease.

The results of his examinations were inconclusive so we were given the option to take him home and monitor him, or we could leave him in overnight and they would rehydrate him. Gladly we chose the second option because he ended up being there for 2 nights, and even when we collected him they were still not completely happy with some of his tests results.

Being greeted by your puppy, who you haven’t seen for 2 days, is a wonderful experience and really makes you appreciate the bond that you have with him. But that bond can be a double-edged sword, as we saw as we watched others coming with their pets to the clinic. You see, we were asked to collect Zack at 7pm, and were warned that it could be busy. The only people coming at that time were emergencies and it was as if we were surrounded by tragedy. We saw two owners receiving the worst news about their beloved pets, and a couple of other tragic-looking cases arrive while we were standing there waiting. When we finally got our boy back it made it slightly bitter-sweet, we were overjoyed but felt that we should control our emotions in front of others.

So, Zack is back home, but needing to return for checkups. The first went well, and the second even better. But we still need to go back next week. It will be a happy day when they say “that is that” and we can stop worrying and go back to having fun, training, and getting out in the fresh air.

I am sure that other problems will arise, we will deal with them and move on. Just like with any relationship it is best to make the most of it and enjoy every moment. You never know when life will throw you a curveball, we saw enough of those at the clinic.

© Neil Hayes and neilhayeswrites

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